Support, We The Wild
Support, We The Wild
Support, We The Wild
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Support, We The Wild

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We the Wild Support Pellets - for root strength and slow-release soil nutrients.


Where nature meets science. If you want the peace of mind knowing your soil is the best it can be, or your plants seem to consistently struggle, the Support Pellets are for you. 100% organic, these bioactive slow-release fertiliser pellets spring to life once watered, to deliver a steady release of nutrients and the vital fungi and bacteria that roots need to function at their prime. They’re designed to increase resilience and strength, and to minimise the stress that overwatering and underwatering cause to your plant.

Unlike conventional slow release fertilisers, the product is made by worms, so they can’t burn or overdose plants, and are suitable for even the most sensitive roots. Better for plants, people and the planet.


  • 100% certified organic and made in Australia
  • One tree planted for every purchase
  • Made with organic waste that would usually go to landfill
  • Scientifically tested, using the best of nature
  • Safer for all plants, people and pets
  • Suits 12-20 plants for 2 months


The Science:

  • 200+ microorganisms complete the soil food web, allowing your plant to grow strong and resilient.
  • Packed with Mycorrhizal Fungi. This acts as the plants messenger and builds a beneficial relationship between the roots and the soil.
  • NPK: 4:3:2 (microbes help plants take up nutrients more effectively).
  • Neutral pH (7)


How To:

To refresh soil:

  • Mix a light scattering (approx. 1-2 tbsp per medium pot) into the topsoil every 2 months. Water with Grow Concentrate.

 When repotting:

  • Liberally mix into store-bought or old soil, ensuring contact with roots.

 For germination:

  • crumble, moisten and coat seeds thoroughly.