What’s a horticulturalist:

What do you think of when someone mentions gardening?  Does it transport you back to the early memories of grandma’s house?  Or the couple of hours of solitude you get on the weekend to escape the busy schedule of the daily routine?  Or do you think of science and experimenting and growing new species and soil conditioning? We do!

Its all these thoughts that have lead us in the direction of horticulture and landscape design along with educating ourselves about how can perform our due diligence and create an eco friendly, natural world. Parks for everyone to enjoy, fresh fruit and vegetables from the gardens for the community. Fun new hybrid species to collect and care for and ogle over the fascinating world of plants.  Its so much more than a ‘trend’ that rotates every couple of decades. Audrey Hepburn said it herself,

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” 

We got into this field of work because we believe this world is a beautiful one and it must be cherished. Days seem to go by faster and faster and trees are getting cut down and swapped for more lawns.  Bees are declining because there are less flowers to pollinate, and temperatures are rising because we need the large, beautiful trees and their lengthy strong roots to keep the earth cool. 

We are here to plant those trees. Plant the flowers.  Create YOUR garden oasis.  We believe in tomorrow. With the seeds we choose to plant today, many others can benefit and enjoy the harvest. Whether it’s a beautiful stroll amongst the city or having a rest amongst the gorgeous Tuckeroo providing you shade.  Or the fresh lemon you’ve picked from the community garden or comforts of your own balcony garden to compliment your water.  If you find yourself enjoying these moments of priceless freedom.  Join us for all discussions, ideas and musings of the horticulture and designing world.  Let’s think and keep it green.

Welcome to our adventure, come on in and take a stroll through Botanica Lane.