PLANT DIARIES: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Botanical Name: Ficus Lyrata

Common Name: Fiddle Leaf Fig

This gorgeous indoor skyrocketed in popularity, with the rise of social media platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram which showcased an array of stylish interiors often with a large Fiddle Leaf Fig strategically posed as the focal. Ultimately the FLF became the 'it' plant of the 2010's, and still today holds the title.

Perhaps its the large scale, tree like form, unique shaped foliage, perfect lush green colour... or the combination of these characteristics that interior designers where initially drawn too. 

Whatever it is, its got us all under a spell, and we're happy about it!

     C A R E :

Avoid over watering! it's always best to under water rather than overwater. With the FLF try to let it dry out between waterings.
Approximately every 10 days. *please note, this is just a guide and is dependent on light, humidity, temperature etc.
Bright indirect is best! Keep your FLF close to a bright window but avoid direct sun.

FLF with survive in normal household humidity, between 30%-65% is ideal.

A slow release fertiliser can be applied every 3-6months. Because of their large leaves a nitrogen rich fertiliser is best, try a NPK ratio of 3-1-2.
During the growing seasons (Spring and Summer) its also good to fertiliser with a fluid fertiliser every 2weeks. 

Keep the leaves clean! Simply wiping them with a damp clothe to get rid of dust and dirt will dramatically help your plant photosynthesis and grow. 
Avoid moving your FLF, once you find the perfect position, leave it there! Ficus do not like to be moved around

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